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Date: 12/22/05-11:46:41 AM Z
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On Dec 22, 2005, at 8:19 AM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> Katharine et al,
> Ohhh, I should qualify my statement below a bit about cadmium red so
> no one takes me at face value and tosses their tube:
> Even with doubling its saturation in my mix, the effect of its opacity
> is not a problem in the **print** anywhere and only noticeable in the
> border as a dull final layer. Thus, I can see why some people might
> like it just fine, but for me there are other reds equally suitable.
> However, I was, in fact, surprised that it didn't look bad in the
> print given all the talk about opaque pigments not working well for
> gum.

Yikes, speaking of being misunderstood.... since I'm the only one here
who has made a deal of the difference between opaque and transparent
pigments, I have to assume this is directed at me. If so, I must
emphasize, though I've said it hundreds of thousands of times already,
that I have NEVER said that opaque pigments don't work well for gum
(see my section on transparency and opacity of pigments on my website
for a statement of my tolerance for diversity of pigment use) and I
would think it would be difficult to follow my writing in good faith
and come up with any such conclusion. What I've said, in response to
questions about various pigments, is that one pigment or another
wouldn't be *MY* first choice for tricolor because of its opacity. But
that's simply a statement of personal preference. Anyone who has read
me over time knows that I don't think there are any pigments that don't
work for gum, and that the thing about pigments is to understand their
personalities and choose pigments that will have the characteristics
that will help you to accomplish a particular end. If you want a more
opaque look, choose a more opaque pigment; if you want a more
transparent look, choose a more transparent pigment, that's a principle
that has served me well in choosing pigments.

I prefer a transparent look, especially in tricolor, but I don't put
any particular value on that, it's just a personal preference. I
accept and honor other people's preferences, and even other people's
right not to notice the differences I see between them, for that
matter. We all have different eyes. But no, I've certainly never said
that opaque pigments don't work well for gum, or even for tricolor.
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