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Zimmerman actually did single coat as well as multiple and multi-colour
work by his method. You could also get interesting images on the
blotters. The link posted a couple of days back is to much of his
orginal Photo Miniature article scanned on a rather primitive scanner,
but quite fascinating.

He also recommended the use of an air brush (foot powered in those days)
to coat paper evenly. I've never got round to trying his methods, but I
suspect they do all he said. Of course some of the equipment and
materials may be tricky to find these days.


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Judy Seigel wrote:

> On Thu, 8 Dec 2005, Don Bryant wrote:
>> Yves,
>> Although I suppose most gum printers would consider the Zimmerman
>> method of
>> gum printing non standard, I do recall one fellow several years ago that
>> posted a link on the B&S web site to scans of prints he had completed
>> using
>> the Zimmerman method. As I recall they looked quite good.
> AFAIK, Zimmerman was first published in The Photo Miniature series,
> early in the 20th century, then was included in an anthology of
> Demachy and Puyo, et al, about 10 years later.
> It probably "worked," as far as it went, but, aside from the hassle
> with multi-coat gum -- think of all the blotters down the tube...
> J.
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