Re: where can I get ferric citrate? can I make it?

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Date: 12/09/05-02:31:12 PM Z
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No, Sandy, I do not. The majority of my purchasing has been from
Bryant Lab, here in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, they are
making great changes and it looks as if they'll be opening a lab
sales area dedicated more to the arts, primarily that of photography.
In the meanwhile we (San Francisco Art Institute) have needs and I
found this site with an excellent pricing.
        As to the difficulty of placing into solution, I've heated the water
to about 110 and had no prior problems with 'chunky' chemistry.

On Dec 9, 2005, at 12:20 PM, Sandy King wrote:

> Jack,
> Do you actually have any of the ferric citrate from Tech Chem? If
> so, what is it like, fine powder or coarse grains? I have found
> that the coars grain stuff is very hard to get into solution.
> Sandy
>> A better price is @ Tech Chem (800/852.5641) : 100 grams for $7
>> Jack Fulton
>>> I did a search for ferric citrate (purified) a couple of weeks
>>> ago and found the following best price (i.e., smallest quantities
>>> for lower total dollar amount), otherwise it seemed relatively
>>> expensive IMHO.
>>> 125 g $42.00; 500 g $119.92
>>> Cheers!
>>> Judy
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