Chemical suppliers for alt. proc. chemicals

From: Malin Fabbri ^lt;>
Date: 12/04/05-01:54:47 PM Z
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Hi all,
I was asked for a good supplier of chemcials for making cyanotypes,
which made me start updating the directory on

I've managed to contact quite a few suppliers on the list, but some I
cannot get hold of despite emailing and googling them... so I
thought, since you all are actively buying chemicals, and have your
finger on the pulse...
- Have you recently bought chemicals from any of the suppliers below?
- Would you know if any of the suppliers below are still in business
selling cyanotype and other alt. proc. chemicals?
Would really appreciate any info on this.
Kind regards,

Suppliers in the US
ACROS Organics, Pittsburgh, USA
Bryant Laboratory, Inc

Malin Fabbri
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