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Hi Judy,

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On Thu, 1 Dec 2005, Loris Medici wrote:

>> Does this makes me clever, experienced? ;) I don't think so, I guess
>> it makes me very very lucky. :)

> Actually Loris, as far as I'm concerned it makes you a wizard... I

Ok, from now on will sign my prints as following: Loris "The Wizard"
Medici ;)

> I've never used cerulean blue for gum printing, let alone for
tricolor. In

I don't have any particular reasons in selecting that pigment. I was
looking for a color very close to process cyan which is preferably
single pigment, transparent, which doesn't stain heavily. My actual
choice from the catalog was another color (the single pigment PB 15:3)
but unfortunately that color wasn't in stock, so I purchased the closest
color to my original choice.

> the versions I've used it simply had no covering power. Tho they did
> have white in them (as I recall) so were clearly something else.
Still, I

IIRC, the white in that mix is pretty opaque (visually and also opaque
to UV). Maybe this changes the color's behaviour very dramatically.

> think 11 defined steps is very unusual, to put it mildly ... (at least
> my experience). In fact wouldn't 11 clearly defined steps be good for
> VDB???

"Rookie chance" they say in Turkish ("acemi sansi").

> However, I would suggest (although weakly) that before you invest a
> more energy in the cerulean you test to see how nicely it plays with
> others... I don't visualize it, but -- I wouldn't have expected 11
> either !

Thanks, a very sound suggestion. ITOH, my other colors are process
magenta "Schmincke Magenta #352, PV 42 Quinacridone Violet" and process
yellow "Schmincke Pure Yellow #216, PY 154 Benzimidazolone". So all the
colors I chose are basic colors in color-theory. Theorically they should
work well together. We'll see.

> meanwhile, congratulations...

For being lucky right? Thanks :)

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