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Hi, just curious about how people on this list present photographs as
gifts. Do you prefer boxes, or albums?

Boxes are easy, obviously. And they have the advantage that if the
recipient wants to take a photo out and frame it, she can.

Albums make the present more of a story, because you look at the
images in a certain order. Also, they are fun and sort of ceremonial
to look at. I have never found an album in a store that I really
like, so I make them by having black paper bound with a coil at
Kinko's. Not very arty, but practical. Last time, though, the paper
i used, Arches cover, was too soft. I need something a little
sturdier I think. Any suggestions?

Also, the cover is a problem. Kinko's has vinyl covers that are 8.5
by 11, but that's teh only size they have. So for square books or
books of a different size, I used paper last time, but the paper
again was too soft. I am thinking thin matboard this time. Any other

For the long term, I am looking for a book about making better photo
albums. I saw one on sale at Borders yesterday that I liked except
for the color of the pages. The pages were doubled over at the spine
so that there was a little spacer to keep the spine the same
thickness as the rest of the book when the photos were in, and the
pages were drilled so that a ribbon could pass through and hold the
pages together. I think I could make this album, but it would be
nice to have some real instructions.

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