RE: Using Polaroid SX-70 film with modern cameras

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Date: 08/31/05-06:17:03 AM Z
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Bad news indeed. The films I got from BHPhoto are not suitable for
manipulation. The emulsion won't budge at all... I noticed a difference with
the packaging. In the web @ BHPhoto site the film shown is named "Time-Zero
SX70" film. But mine does not show any "Time-Zero" label, it says "SX-70
film" only on the pack. I will return the remaining packs.


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Subject: Re: Using Polaroid SX-70 film with modern cameras

Oops!? Bad news. Probably mine was not made recently because it says "use
before 06/2005" on the box. We'll see...
Thanks for the warning.

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If you want to manipulate the SX-70 film you might struggle if the film was
made recently. Polaroid has modified the manufacturing process and it can no
longer be manipulated. Polaroid is looking into the problem, so there might
be some hope for the future.
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