PURE COLLODION & ALT IN FT LAUDERDALE; WAS Sources for wet plate collodion chemicals

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        I have not been following this thread...forgive me. I will be in the Fort Lauderdale area the third week of September. Anyone know where I can get pure collodion? Most pharmacies sell it with additives to make it more flexible like camphor and such. I use it to clean first surface mirrors such as in single lens reflex cameras. I paint it on, wait for it to dry, then carefully life one corner and peal it off. Any additives leave a greasy looking film on the mirrors. I learned this caring for first surface mirrors when doing holography at GE in the early 70s.
        Alzo, any alt photo shows to be seen in the Ft. Lauderdale area?

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On Tuesday 30 August 2005 10:01, Best, Dianne wrote:
> I got a price quote from Anichemia on a bunch of different wet plate
> collodion chemicals and did a per-unit comparison with JD Photo Chem and
> Photographer's Formulary (including conversion to Canadian dollars) and
> Anichemia is certainly price competitive. The only negative for
> Anichemia, being a lab supplier, is that their standard packages tend to
> be larger.

        Are you saying a similar sized package is a similar price? Cool. The more
choice the better.

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