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Date: 08/29/05-04:05:59 AM Z
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Tom Ferguson wrote:
> gum printers will say you need to use Everclear, a very high proof
> alcohol that is illegal in many states (including mine). Others,
> including Katherine I believe, didn't find it helped at all.

Yes, it's true, I drove across state lines to buy a bottle of Everclear
because it had been so highly touted, and found that it made no
difference in coating for me. But I should add that I didn't have any
coating problem that needed remedying, and perhaps that's the crucial
fact here. My understanding was that the Everclear was for when people
were having problems getting a smooth coat, due to either high viscosity
of coating or low humidity of surroundings. I surmised that the
Everclear doesn't make any difference for me, and I don't have any
problem getting a smooth coat, because of the high humidity of my
climate. But maybe the vodka or everclear is what Michael needs. It's
kind of hard to advise him without actually being able to see what he's
talking about.

I did find a good use for the Everclear, though; it works great for the
last rinse when cleaning glass for printing gum on.
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