Re: Simultaneous film-digital camera? (way off-topic)

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Date: 08/22/05-10:05:45 AM Z
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Katharine wrote:

> So, my question is, does anyone know of a camera that splits light into
> two parts (this was the explanation I was given this weekend for how
> this camera could work) and sends one part to film and the other to a
> digital array? Inquiring minds want to know....

It is interesting that your brother and law said it "wasn't like any camera
he'd ever seen before." 99.99% of news and event photography is done today
with digital SLRs, which look just like film SLRs with motor drives, and
which I assume are familiar to your brother in law. Apparently, the
photographer in question was using something else.

I am not aware of any camera that makes simultaneous film and digital
images. My guess, as yours, would be that it was a medium-format body with
a digital back. Did your brother in law see any brand names on the

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