Re: Pyrocat-HD for alt printing?

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You wouldn't be using a new batch of Tmax 100 with the Pyrocat would you?
The new base is UV-blocking.


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> I am a novice alt process printer and have a question about Pyrocat-HD. I
> have been using this developer for a while and obtain excellent results
> making traditional silver prints (ie using enlarging paper). I use the
> following working formula: Sol A 20 ml; Sol B 20 ml; 1 liter water. The
> processing is done in a JOBO Expert drum with 5 minute pre-rinse. Using a
> formula found in Keepers of the Light, I recently tried making a Vandyke
> (brown) print but found my exposure times were very long (30 minutes or
> more). The UV source is a bank of 18 inch blacklight bulbs (“350
> Blacklight” by Sylvania). I have used the same printer with non-pyro
> negatives and typically get exposure times for Vandyke prints in the 5-8
> minute range. Ideally, I would like to get more reasonable exposure
> for pyro-developed negatives as well (possibly 10-15 minutes). Any
> suggestions how to achieve this or do these negatives simply require a
> stronger/different UV source? The pyro negatives do not appear dense or
> blocked up when viewed on a light box. Thanks for any assistance.
> Don Ciccone
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