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On 7/31 your post read as follows:

> Hi ART, Thanks for reawakening my long term interest in Direct Carbon
> since, as you may recall, I had been researching these processes since 1990
> when I was introduced to the work of Jose . . . .

In your post below from 8/14, you indicate that you are 17 years old . . .
that means that you began your work at the age of ONE? Now John you must
understand . . . you've inspired me to question you about your math and/or
sense of reality.

Sincerely concerned, Art wrote:

>In a message dated 14/08/05 03:13:29 GMT Daylight Time,
>> I know that everyone will be different, but I wondered how other people go
>> > about this.
>You and Me and Photography.
> I am entering my seventieth year of life on this planet and
>sometimes wonder if there will be another chance to experience, at a future
>time in another life, a relationship between myself and a technology which
>Best wishes to all who have been similarly hooked. I am grateful
> . . .
> . . .
>the many many hours of apparent failure, but learning, experienced during
>processing and I do not regret one minute of it.
> Has anyone else ever tried to give up photography ?
> John Grocott - Photographist

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