RE: Black spots in Pt./Pd.

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        I am truly sorry to hear that it is the paper. I got my Lenox from Daniel
Smith years ago and love it. Where did you get yours? How recently?
        Has any one else on the list had these problems with Lenox?
        From which suppliers?

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OK, I read everything said about this and thought the problem was
resolved. But after much experimentation I am now totally convinced
that the cause of the black spots is the paper and not anything I am
doing in mixing the sensitizer, coating the paper, or developing,
Unfortunately I just appear to have on hand some 96+ sheets of Lenox
paper that does not work for me, either for kallitype or palladium.
Such a bummmer because the last batch of Lexox I used gave really
great Dmax right out of the box, with very smooth tones.

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