RE: Pt./Pd. question acid pre-soak

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Kerik, How much "extra" oxalic acid did you try adding to the ferric when
you ran those test? And were you able to check the pH of the solution after
adding it?

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> With certain (apparently) highly buffered papers like Fabriano Artistico
> Extra White, it is absolutely true. And just adding oxalic to the ferric
> didn't have the same effect. Other papers that aren't as buffered will
> show little or no change after being soaked in oxalic acid.
> Kerik
> >> I ran test when this was talked about years ago and found little to
> >> support it. I did not run test on a large sample of papers. I also
> >> queried those that made the claim to see if they could also just add
> >> some oxalic acid to their ferric and achieve the same increase in dmax.
> >> I got no response.
> >>
> >> Or is it simply a pH issue? Years ago Martin Axxon had suggested to me
> >> that he felt a lower pH paper gave a better print with PT solution.
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