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I have no 'dog in this fight,' but I'd suggest you're being a bit over
sensitive. The list works quite well, loads of sarcastic humor and
fiercely held opinions, but in the end the technical lifeline and
depth of real-world support here is without equal. You need to loosen
up a bit, ride with the punches, don't take yourself or anyone else
too serious and post when the urge arises. I've been here over ten
years and there isn't any better source for information or

I don't understand who could resist Kate's proposal of marriage so
casually anyway.

Darryl Baird
Assoc. Professor of Art
University of Michigan-Flint

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Well, I can see where this thread is now going so I will unsubscribe
from the list. Thanks to those who did give me some positve input and
things to think about.


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