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Date: 08/04/05-11:38:46 PM Z
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On Thu, 4 Aug 2005, John Brewer wrote:

> I have read the archives re the dot test and do realise many people have
> different views, and I I know the discussion has got overheated. I hope my
> question does not fuel another argument. I want to do the test using all the
> pigments I own on the only paper I intend to use for gum that is preshrunk
> and sized in the way I would use for printing. I may well be wasting my time,
> it's just I need to do it :) sorta a part of my gum initiation, it may or may
> not help me.

Aha, you may well think you can get away with that, but please be advised:
Should you do any actual "gum dot testing" without a control, that is, a
check of your "findings" conducted *with* the dichromate *and* the
exposure, I know someone very well who is going to fly out there on her
broomstick and put a hex on you and your antecedents all the way back to
the Shroud of Turin.

Plus, do you have any IDEA how the fates will howl with glee when they
read your words about "the only paper I intend to use"???? (Oh, oh, you do
live dangerously.)

Welcome to the list.

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