August 2005 Alt-Photo-Process-L By Subject

SubjectAuthor Date
A Gallery for Fine Photography I meant
 Christopher Lovenguth 08/30/05-02:45:36 PM Z
a little self-promotion...
 Christopher Lovenguth 08/13/05-11:04:55 AM Z
acid pre-soak
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/15/05-09:07:23 PM Z
 Etienne Garbaux 08/15/05-07:23:30 PM Z
 Etienne Garbaux 08/15/05-07:22:25 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/15/05-06:22:05 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 08/15/05-05:57:15 PM Z
 Etienne Garbaux 08/15/05-05:34:22 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/15/05-04:05:56 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/15/05-02:31:10 PM Z
 Etienne Garbaux 08/15/05-01:59:19 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/15/05-01:36:17 PM Z
 Don Bryant 08/15/05-01:19:15 PM Z
 Loris Medici 08/15/05-01:00:36 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/15/05-12:50:31 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/15/05-12:32:06 PM Z
acrylic size for gum printing
 Katharine Thayer 08/12/05-10:19:58 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/12/05-08:14:06 AM Z
 Jack Brubaker 08/12/05-02:47:59 PM Z
age of an image
 Jon Lybrook 08/27/05-10:54:31 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/27/05-03:41:27 PM Z
 Jon Lybrook 08/27/05-09:21:48 AM Z
Alt-Photo Monthly Reminder
 [email protected] 08/01/05-12:00:01 AM Z
Alt-photo Reminder
 [email protected] 08/29/05-12:00:01 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/22/05-12:00:00 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/15/05-12:00:00 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/08/05-12:00:00 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/01/05-12:00:01 AM Z
 Hellena Cleary 08/19/05-03:06:49 AM Z
 Peter Williams 08/18/05-04:27:53 AM Z
 Hellena Cleary 08/18/05-03:39:34 AM Z
 Jonathan Bailey 08/01/05-07:16:40 AM Z
Argyrotype puzzler
 Baird, Darryl 08/11/05-03:33:06 PM Z
Argyrotype Toning
 dan jones 08/02/05-09:28:18 AM Z
bare bones alt-photo equipment
 [email protected] 08/09/05-03:10:40 PM Z
 Dan Burkholder 08/09/05-02:42:45 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/09/05-12:56:41 PM Z
 Jim Strain 08/09/05-12:30:06 PM Z
 Eric Maquiling 08/09/05-12:21:10 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/09/05-12:07:44 PM Z
 Eric Maquiling 08/09/05-11:15:18 AM Z
Best formule for one-layer bichromate.
 Judy Seigel 08/11/05-09:54:56 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/11/05-12:55:38 PM Z
 Loris Medici 08/11/05-11:35:42 AM Z
 Paweł Gęga 08/11/05-10:20:53 AM Z
 Keith Gerling 08/12/05-07:56:33 AM Z
 Dirk DE LA MARCHE 08/11/05-07:42:37 AM Z
 Loris Medici 08/11/05-07:37:59 AM Z
 Loris Medici 08/11/05-07:30:29 AM Z
 Paweł Gęga 08/11/05-07:21:06 AM Z
 Loris Medici 08/11/05-05:27:30 AM Z
 Loris Medici 08/11/05-05:22:56 AM Z
 Paweł Gęga 08/11/05-05:13:53 AM Z
Black spots in Pt./Pd.
 BOB KISS 08/15/05-08:27:01 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/15/05-09:18:53 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/15/05-09:02:38 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 08/09/05-02:45:40 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/09/05-02:31:08 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/09/05-02:24:37 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 08/09/05-12:48:43 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/09/05-11:24:02 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/09/05-11:17:05 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/09/05-11:03:39 AM Z
 Kerik 08/09/05-11:02:34 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/09/05-10:45:04 AM Z
 BOB KISS 08/09/05-09:25:29 AM Z
 jackpy1 08/09/05-10:11:32 AM Z
 Kerik 08/09/05-10:12:19 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/09/05-09:57:08 AM Z
blue vandykes
 Loris Medici 08/13/05-03:13:20 AM Z
 B Lunsford 08/13/05-02:10:53 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 08/12/05-03:06:41 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/12/05-02:52:01 PM Z
 Weber, Scott 08/12/05-01:01:59 PM Z
bromoil show in Richmond, VA
 [email protected] 08/18/05-05:30:26 PM Z
Camera Obscura formula
 Harry Smart 08/19/05-10:27:02 AM Z
 Barry Kleider 08/19/05-09:29:30 AM Z
Canadian chemical supplier
 Nick Zentena 08/25/05-09:45:47 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/25/05-09:34:21 AM Z
 Best, Dianne 08/25/05-09:10:17 AM Z
 Nick Zentena 08/25/05-08:13:53 AM Z
 Best, Dianne 08/25/05-08:03:07 AM Z
Carbon and Gum
 Philippe Berger 08/19/05-01:44:11 AM Z
Chiming in
 Judy Seigel 08/11/05-10:05:18 PM Z
Chrome alum sizing
 Gary Nored 08/22/05-07:06:33 PM Z
 Giovanni Di Mase 08/22/05-11:33:45 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/22/05-09:58:13 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/19/05-03:58:32 PM Z
Clearing Palladium
 Susan Huber 08/16/05-06:21:27 AM Z
 BOB KISS 08/15/05-08:38:11 PM Z
 Don Bryant 08/15/05-09:00:19 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/15/05-08:50:12 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/15/05-08:24:14 PM Z
Clearing Palladium (Off Topic)
 Greg Schmitz 08/17/05-03:50:21 AM Z
 Etienne Garbaux 08/16/05-08:02:20 PM Z
 Bob Maxey 08/16/05-06:21:45 PM Z
 Greg Schmitz 08/16/05-02:12:50 PM Z
 Bob Maxey 08/16/05-02:49:08 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/15/05-09:35:16 PM Z
 Etienne Garbaux 08/15/05-09:08:12 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 08/11/05-10:26:58 PM Z
CURRENT USES FOR HOLOGRAPHY (was: Sources for wet plate collodion chemicals)
 MARTINM 08/30/05-12:30:10 AM Z
 BOB KISS 08/29/05-05:35:04 AM Z
Cyanotype - brown stain.
 Kate M 08/22/05-03:37:53 PM Z
 Loris Medici 08/22/05-06:53:36 AM Z
 pawel gega. 08/22/05-04:34:32 AM Z
cyanotype / Christopher James book
 Loris Medici 08/27/05-07:20:57 AM Z
 Loris Medici 08/27/05-07:16:50 AM Z
 Giovanni Di Mase 08/26/05-04:25:10 PM Z
 Giovanni Di Mase 08/26/05-04:12:15 PM Z
 Loris Medici 08/26/05-07:21:13 AM Z
 Giovanni Di Mase 08/26/05-06:36:05 AM Z
 Susan Huber 08/26/05-06:05:34 AM Z
 Giovanni Di Mase 08/25/05-10:52:40 AM Z
cyanotype chemistry
 George L Smyth 08/13/05-09:52:45 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/13/05-12:12:51 PM Z
 Loris Medici 08/13/05-04:09:33 AM Z
 B Lunsford 08/13/05-02:14:54 AM Z
cyanotype, time zero and the Experimental Photography Workbook
 [email protected] 08/27/05-02:08:22 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 08/27/05-11:08:28 AM Z
 David & Jan Harris 08/27/05-10:51:56 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 08/27/05-08:49:52 AM Z
daguerreotype exhibition
 Christopher Lovenguth 08/29/05-08:45:58 AM Z
Demise of film
 Christopher Wright 08/09/05-10:19:19 AM Z
 SteveS 08/09/05-02:22:05 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/08/05-06:26:50 PM Z
 Dan Burkholder 08/08/05-05:01:07 PM Z
 Greg Schmitz 08/08/05-04:21:11 PM Z
 Dan Burkholder 08/08/05-04:19:29 PM Z
 Kerik 08/08/05-04:14:16 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/08/05-03:53:03 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/08/05-03:48:49 PM Z
 Jim Strain 08/08/05-03:38:47 PM Z
 fotoobscura 08/08/05-03:26:37 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/08/05-03:23:27 PM Z
 Dan Burkholder 08/08/05-01:21:19 PM Z
 SteveS 08/08/05-11:37:54 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 08/08/05-10:44:06 AM Z
 Harry Smart 08/08/05-09:31:04 AM Z
 Michael Briggs 08/08/05-09:26:55 AM Z
 BOB KISS 08/08/05-08:11:44 AM Z
 Dan Burkholder 08/08/05-08:50:30 AM Z
 Greg Schmitz 08/08/05-08:18:37 AM Z
 fotoobscura 08/08/05-07:52:51 AM Z
 Wayne D 08/08/05-06:42:12 AM Z
 Greg Schmitz 08/08/05-05:54:13 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/08/05-04:36:20 AM Z
Demise of film - off topic
 BOB KISS 08/09/05-07:52:45 AM Z
 Greg Schmitz 08/09/05-07:27:36 AM Z
Demise of film cameras in Dixons
 [email protected] 08/08/05-09:20:35 AM Z
Density of ink on OHP material
 Sandy King 08/15/05-07:30:51 AM Z
 Loris Medici 08/15/05-01:17:39 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/14/05-09:51:48 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/14/05-09:22:54 PM Z
 BOB KISS 08/02/05-04:48:28 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/02/05-02:38:23 AM Z
Direct Carbon Business Wise
 John Cremati 08/02/05-04:05:30 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/02/05-02:38:32 AM Z
Direct Carbon PHOTOGRAPHY Wise
 philippe berger 08/10/05-01:39:38 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/10/05-02:41:22 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/09/05-10:14:07 PM Z
 Mark Kronquist 08/10/05-07:35:35 AM Z
 Gerry Giliberti 08/09/05-03:00:32 PM Z
 SteveS 08/06/05-08:27:05 PM Z
From A to Z (way off-topic) TESTING IGNORE!
 Bill William 08/23/05-02:01:55 AM Z
glutaraldehyde safety
 Gordon J. Holtslander 08/30/05-12:51:42 PM Z
Going into wet tintype
 Michael Dowdall 08/04/05-04:22:17 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 08/03/05-08:33:00 AM Z
 Best, Dianne 08/03/05-07:05:57 AM Z
Greetings from Bozeman, MT & Gum
 [email protected] 08/28/05-06:54:59 PM Z
gum dot test - Crawford
 Kate M 08/05/05-03:27:40 PM Z
 Baird, Darryl 08/05/05-07:14:16 AM Z
 Dave Rose 08/05/05-07:36:03 AM Z
 John Brewer 08/05/05-04:29:51 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/05/05-12:23:31 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 08/04/05-11:38:46 PM Z
 John Brewer 08/04/05-12:01:45 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/04/05-04:24:39 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/04/05-11:08:15 AM Z
 Kate M 08/04/05-04:20:53 AM Z
 Giovanni Di Mase 08/04/05-02:31:19 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/04/05-02:10:17 AM Z
 Kate M 08/04/05-12:59:42 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 08/03/05-07:02:38 PM Z
 John Brewer 08/03/05-05:23:33 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/17/05-03:56:37 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/12/05-01:28:35 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/12/05-01:13:27 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/11/05-05:09:31 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/11/05-05:00:29 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/11/05-04:53:10 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/11/05-11:41:40 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/11/05-11:37:31 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 08/11/05-10:55:08 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/11/05-03:45:44 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/11/05-02:56:10 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/11/05-02:18:38 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/10/05-05:46:50 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/10/05-05:31:07 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 08/10/05-11:53:44 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/10/05-04:41:55 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/10/05-04:08:08 AM Z
 Jack Brubaker 08/09/05-01:43:27 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 08/08/05-11:46:29 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/08/05-03:34:12 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/08/05-03:20:33 PM Z
 Dave Rose 08/08/05-07:16:19 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/08/05-01:01:40 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/08/05-12:31:04 PM Z
 Guido Ceuppens 08/08/05-12:22:02 PM Z
 Hamish Stewart 08/08/05-12:02:50 PM Z
gum testing
 John Brewer 08/05/05-06:02:46 PM Z
gum: Acidity
 davidhatton 08/22/05-02:04:43 PM Z
 jackpy1 08/22/05-03:21:11 PM Z
 davidhatton 08/22/05-11:01:31 AM Z
 jackpy1 08/22/05-02:42:24 PM Z
Hard gloss coating and mounting a digital print onto a rigid surface
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/01/05-09:50:39 AM Z
 MARTINM 08/01/05-10:11:14 AM Z
 MARTINM 08/01/05-04:48:50 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/01/05-02:48:04 AM Z
Hazards of wet plate collodion ?
 Loris Medici 08/10/05-04:06:39 AM Z
 Richard Knoppow 08/09/05-04:45:41 PM Z
 Bob Maxey 08/09/05-04:12:57 PM Z
 Best, Dianne 08/09/05-11:37:44 AM Z
 Bob Maxey 08/09/05-04:31:05 AM Z
 D. Mark Andrews 08/08/05-09:48:35 PM Z
 D. Mark Andrews 08/08/05-09:32:16 PM Z
 D. Mark Andrews 08/08/05-08:52:01 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/08/05-04:02:36 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 08/08/05-02:49:49 PM Z
 Best, Dianne 08/08/05-02:21:27 PM Z
 Scott Small 08/08/05-12:01:05 PM Z
 Kerik 08/08/05-11:41:27 AM Z
 Loris Medici 08/08/05-11:20:45 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 08/08/05-11:16:15 AM Z
 Kerik 08/08/05-11:09:08 AM Z
 Loris Medici 08/08/05-10:54:38 AM Z
 Kerik 08/08/05-10:47:17 AM Z
 Best, Dianne 08/08/05-10:27:12 AM Z
historical photos exhibit San Francisco
 joachim oppenheimer 08/04/05-06:05:00 PM Z
 Scott Small 08/04/05-04:18:44 PM Z
 SteveS 08/04/05-03:44:21 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/04/05-01:14:40 PM Z
 Byron OBrien 08/04/05-01:27:43 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/03/05-04:50:01 AM Z
I'm looking for inspiration!
 Nash Computer Technology 08/16/05-09:06:28 AM Z
 BOB KISS 08/16/05-06:30:41 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/16/05-08:25:47 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/14/05-04:59:32 PM Z
 Baird, Darryl 08/14/05-04:20:47 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/14/05-12:07:05 PM Z
 Jordan Lee 08/14/05-10:49:50 AM Z
 kris 08/14/05-08:55:38 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 08/13/05-10:42:53 PM Z
 SteveS 08/13/05-10:31:26 PM Z
 Matthew Miller 08/13/05-09:31:55 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/13/05-01:39:55 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/13/05-08:09:52 PM Z
 Nash Computer Technology 08/13/05-02:06:35 PM Z
Introduction and Oxford Conference 10th and 11th September
 Gerry Giliberti 08/09/05-08:20:30 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/09/05-07:31:27 AM Z
Judy Seigel / Post Factory - OFFLINE
 Greg Schmitz 08/13/05-12:25:25 PM Z
Just realized something about New Orleans...
 [email protected] 08/31/05-10:08:18 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 08/31/05-04:13:58 PM Z
 Richard Corbett 08/31/05-01:17:30 PM Z
 Christopher Lovenguth 08/31/05-11:49:31 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/30/05-05:35:00 PM Z
 BOB KISS 08/30/05-03:39:18 PM Z
 Christopher Lovenguth 08/30/05-02:43:24 PM Z
 Weber, Scott 08/10/05-03:16:54 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/09/05-05:47:35 PM Z
 Weber, Scott 08/09/05-04:41:55 PM Z
Kate's new address
 Kate M 08/01/05-05:04:03 AM Z
konica paper
 john stone 08/10/05-03:38:26 PM Z
Learning a new process
 Katharine Thayer 08/15/05-05:55:27 AM Z
 D. Mark Andrews 08/15/05-12:33:56 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/15/05-04:17:26 AM Z
 D. Mark Andrews 08/15/05-10:15:34 AM Z
 Jordan Lee 08/14/05-09:46:48 AM Z
 Dave Rose 08/13/05-10:34:22 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/13/05-02:11:43 PM Z
 Bill King 08/13/05-08:33:38 PM Z
Learning a new process-reply
 Robert W. Schramm 08/15/05-08:26:22 PM Z
 Susan Huber 08/15/05-06:23:20 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/14/05-04:37:07 PM Z
 Etienne Garbaux 08/14/05-10:44:50 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm 08/14/05-08:26:23 PM Z
Light source for POP paper?
 Susan Huber 08/23/05-06:33:33 AM Z
 Best, Dianne 08/22/05-09:57:14 AM Z
 Randall Ellis 08/18/05-06:00:19 AM Z
 Tim O'Neill 08/17/05-05:16:44 PM Z
 George L Smyth 08/17/05-04:58:32 PM Z
 Jeremy Moore 08/17/05-03:11:49 PM Z
 Jan Kapoor 08/17/05-03:00:10 PM Z
 Bob Maxey 08/17/05-02:21:01 PM Z
 Jonathan Bailey 08/17/05-06:13:29 AM Z
 Phillip Murphy 08/17/05-03:12:50 AM Z
Nonvolatile gelatin hardener
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/02/05-12:20:12 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/02/05-08:15:31 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/02/05-02:33:13 AM Z
Paper Negatives
 Christopher Wright 08/28/05-07:22:19 PM Z
 henk thijs 08/28/05-03:24:53 PM Z
 jamesromeo 08/28/05-10:02:43 AM Z
 Brian Casey 08/28/05-08:33:32 AM Z
photo printing processes
 gregory donsky 08/04/05-04:24:18 PM Z
 Tom Sobota 08/17/05-06:56:55 AM Z
 Fotoalquimia 08/17/05-06:39:19 AM Z
 Peter Williams 08/17/05-03:11:57 AM Z
 Phillip Murphy 08/17/05-02:13:59 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/16/05-11:08:48 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan 08/16/05-11:06:27 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan 08/16/05-11:00:39 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/16/05-11:00:41 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/16/05-10:55:30 PM Z
 Bob Maxey 08/16/05-08:57:09 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan 08/16/05-10:17:50 PM Z
 Fotoalquimia 08/16/05-09:36:22 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan 08/16/05-06:28:39 PM Z
 Jon Lybrook 08/16/05-05:55:39 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan 08/16/05-05:30:56 PM Z
 Jon Lybrook 08/16/05-04:48:26 PM Z
 Fotoalquimia 08/16/05-04:20:42 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan 08/16/05-04:18:25 PM Z
 Silvi Glattauer 08/16/05-03:55:45 PM Z
 Richard Corbett 08/16/05-11:28:48 AM Z
 Fotoalquimia 08/16/05-06:50:58 AM Z
photogravure veryOff topic
 Randy Hendrix 08/18/05-01:02:09 AM Z
photogravure veryOff topic]
 Susan Huber 08/19/05-06:30:04 AM Z
 SteveS 08/19/05-02:13:48 AM Z
 Jeff Sumner 08/19/05-01:44:15 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 08/19/05-01:05:15 AM Z
 SteveS 08/18/05-11:46:29 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 08/18/05-07:52:35 PM Z
 SteveS 08/18/05-07:35:07 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 08/18/05-06:47:07 PM Z
Physics of optics
 Richard Knoppow 08/18/05-06:31:46 PM Z
 Susan Huber 08/18/05-06:29:04 AM Z
 Jonathan Bailey 08/17/05-05:43:18 PM Z
 kris 08/17/05-04:45:35 PM Z
 William Barnett-Lewis 08/17/05-03:59:59 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm 08/17/05-02:32:55 PM Z
 John Ptak 08/17/05-01:23:41 PM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias 08/17/05-12:38:02 PM Z
 John Cremati 08/17/05-11:17:49 AM Z
 R B 08/17/05-08:22:50 AM Z
 Barry Kleider 08/17/05-07:31:29 AM Z
pictorico (or copyjet) in france or europe
 Fabiano Busdraghi 08/18/05-10:10:45 AM Z
 Fabiano Busdraghi 08/18/05-10:03:51 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 08/17/05-09:20:44 AM Z
 Loris Medici 08/17/05-07:12:55 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 08/17/05-06:44:37 AM Z
 jacques verschuren 08/17/05-06:16:38 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 08/17/05-05:48:20 AM Z
 Fabiano Busdraghi 08/17/05-03:47:33 AM Z
Pictorico Bummer
 [email protected] 08/21/05-09:42:43 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/20/05-08:47:19 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/20/05-10:59:09 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/20/05-08:35:35 AM Z
 David & Jan Harris 08/20/05-02:56:46 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/19/05-10:05:29 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/19/05-09:49:05 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/19/05-07:47:10 PM Z
polivinyl alcohol vs. gelatin sizing
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/01/05-02:18:21 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/01/05-02:21:46 AM Z
 Giovanni Di Mase 08/01/05-12:58:45 AM Z
Possibly the silliest Gum question ever!
 [email protected] 08/15/05-11:54:49 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/15/05-04:38:49 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/15/05-06:59:12 AM Z
Post-Factory on - clarifying a few details...
 Malin Fabbri 08/12/05-05:44:42 AM Z
poster printing
 Sandy King 08/31/05-01:38:13 PM Z
 Christopher Lovenguth 08/31/05-12:03:39 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 08/30/05-09:37:19 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/28/05-05:20:35 PM Z
 Giovanni Di Mase 08/28/05-03:43:36 PM Z
 Kerik 08/28/05-02:43:36 PM Z
 Baird, Darryl 08/28/05-02:40:12 PM Z
 Kerik 08/28/05-02:30:29 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 08/28/05-02:24:01 PM Z
 SteveS 08/28/05-02:13:31 PM Z
 Wayne D 08/28/05-12:47:12 PM Z
 Peter Marshall 08/28/05-12:41:09 PM Z
 john stone 08/28/05-12:28:12 PM Z
 Tom Micklin 08/28/05-10:24:29 AM Z
 Tom Micklin 08/28/05-10:21:09 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/28/05-10:02:30 AM Z
 Baird, Darryl 08/28/05-07:25:38 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/27/05-09:36:09 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 08/27/05-09:11:47 PM Z
 Kerik 08/27/05-01:04:36 PM Z
 john stone 08/27/05-12:15:27 PM Z
printing paper negatives and posters
 Baird, Darryl 08/28/05-01:37:42 PM Z
 John Cremati 08/28/05-11:27:01 AM Z
printing services
 Dan Burkholder 08/08/05-05:59:15 PM Z
 gregory donsky 08/08/05-04:52:25 PM Z
 joachim oppenheimer 08/08/05-11:37:48 AM Z
 Dan Burkholder 08/08/05-09:13:12 AM Z
 Bob Maxey 08/07/05-11:54:14 PM Z
 gregory donsky 08/07/05-10:07:33 PM Z
 john stone 08/07/05-10:06:23 PM Z
 gregory donsky 08/07/05-10:04:42 PM Z
 john stone 08/07/05-07:58:40 PM Z
Pt./Pd. question acid pre-soak
 [email protected] 08/12/05-01:06:10 PM Z
 Kerik 08/12/05-11:26:23 AM Z
 Jeremy Moore 08/12/05-10:25:38 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 08/12/05-10:18:27 AM Z
 BOB KISS 08/12/05-08:18:20 AM Z
 Clay 08/12/05-08:46:17 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 08/12/05-08:10:04 AM Z
 Kerik 08/12/05-12:21:30 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/11/05-10:24:50 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/11/05-09:29:55 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 08/11/05-09:15:59 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/11/05-07:09:24 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 08/11/05-05:21:32 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/11/05-04:22:59 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 08/11/05-02:22:57 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/11/05-01:09:21 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 08/11/05-12:14:47 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 08/11/05-12:10:02 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/11/05-11:18:42 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 08/11/05-09:53:47 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 08/09/05-12:45:51 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/09/05-12:19:50 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/09/05-12:12:27 PM Z
 Kerik 08/09/05-12:12:06 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 08/09/05-12:07:49 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 08/09/05-12:07:49 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 08/09/05-12:07:49 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/09/05-12:02:05 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/09/05-10:45:44 AM Z
 Kerik 08/09/05-10:38:39 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/09/05-10:22:11 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/09/05-10:20:03 AM Z
 Kerik 08/09/05-10:16:37 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/09/05-10:02:05 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/09/05-09:49:37 AM Z
 Clay 08/09/05-04:36:13 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 08/08/05-11:26:00 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 08/08/05-11:24:16 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/08/05-08:58:32 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/08/05-06:37:03 PM Z
PURE COLLODION & ALT IN FT LAUDERDALE; WAS Sources for wet plate collodion chemicals
 Joe Smigiel 08/30/05-12:17:55 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/30/05-11:03:32 AM Z
 Security Devices 08/30/05-10:29:23 AM Z
 BOB KISS 08/30/05-09:19:00 AM Z
PVA vs. Acrylic vs gelatin
 Katharine Thayer 08/03/05-03:45:13 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/04/05-04:43:45 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/03/05-04:52:36 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/03/05-08:34:20 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 08/03/05-02:30:38 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/03/05-06:03:14 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/03/05-01:19:14 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 08/03/05-07:27:10 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/03/05-12:51:25 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/03/05-12:03:02 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/03/05-05:43:26 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/03/05-12:48:36 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/02/05-03:59:08 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/02/05-07:43:34 AM Z
 Giovanni Di Mase 08/02/05-01:35:47 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/02/05-12:00:23 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/02/05-02:38:35 AM Z
 Giovanni Di Mase 08/02/05-02:53:10 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 08/01/05-09:17:26 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 08/01/05-09:30:30 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/01/05-02:00:22 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/01/05-01:26:30 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/01/05-01:37:10 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/01/05-01:17:24 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/01/05-01:31:44 AM Z
 Giovanni Di Mase 08/01/05-02:22:38 AM Z
 Giovanni Di Mase 08/01/05-01:49:09 AM Z
Pyrocat-HD for alt printing?
 Susan Huber 08/19/05-06:33:31 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/18/05-08:26:08 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/18/05-08:15:59 AM Z
 Susan Huber 08/18/05-06:32:34 AM Z
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 08/18/05-01:52:56 AM Z
 jackpy1 08/18/05-02:17:21 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/17/05-03:47:46 PM Z
 Clay 08/17/05-08:07:50 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/17/05-07:37:14 AM Z
 Victor Loverro 08/17/05-06:38:02 AM Z
 Susan Huber 08/17/05-06:21:58 AM Z
 Clay 08/17/05-04:39:02 AM Z
 donald ciccone 08/16/05-09:07:37 PM Z
 Wayne D 08/16/05-06:14:11 PM Z
 Victor Loverro 08/16/05-10:00:24 AM Z
 Loris Medici 08/16/05-07:41:46 AM Z
 Sandy King 08/16/05-07:32:33 AM Z
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 08/16/05-06:45:11 AM Z
 Loris Medici 08/16/05-06:38:06 AM Z
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 08/16/05-06:30:02 AM Z
 Susan Huber 08/16/05-06:18:21 AM Z
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 08/16/05-01:35:05 AM Z
 Loris Medici 08/16/05-01:17:29 AM Z
 donald ciccone 08/15/05-09:54:32 PM Z
Question about NuArc 26-1K
 John Cremati 08/23/05-12:38:06 PM Z
 John Cremati 08/19/05-02:32:58 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/17/05-09:09:50 PM Z
 John Cremati 08/17/05-05:28:48 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/17/05-01:24:14 PM Z
RE : pictorico (or copyjet) in france or europe
 Jean-Daniel Lemoine 08/17/05-08:17:46 AM Z
Rockland Chemicals Ag-Plus
 Best, Dianne 08/16/05-05:52:34 AM Z
 Baird, Darryl 08/14/05-10:33:15 AM Z
R�f. : Workshop Carbon Process
 philippe berger 08/10/05-11:31:45 AM Z
Silver Mirroring
 Greg Schmitz 08/31/05-05:07:38 PM Z
silver nitrate storage
 [email protected] 08/25/05-08:31:14 AM Z
 Catherine Rogers 08/25/05-04:11:55 AM Z
 Loris Medici 08/25/05-12:44:55 AM Z
 dan jones 08/25/05-12:37:03 AM Z
Simultaneous film-digital camera? (way off-topic)
 Michael Koch-Schulte 08/22/05-03:46:18 PM Z
 davidhatton 08/22/05-10:41:50 AM Z
 Etienne Garbaux 08/22/05-10:05:45 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/22/05-02:37:26 AM Z
sizing chrome alum
 Giovanni Di Mase 08/18/05-02:38:51 AM Z
Sources for wet plate collodian chemicals
 [email protected] 08/24/05-07:38:55 PM Z
 Kerik 08/23/05-01:20:39 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/23/05-12:35:21 PM Z
Sources for wet plate collodion chemicals
 Milenko Grgar 08/31/05-10:31:06 AM Z
 Best, Dianne 08/31/05-06:04:21 AM Z
 Best, Dianne 08/31/05-05:59:07 AM Z
 Etienne Garbaux 08/30/05-11:48:45 AM Z
 Nick Zentena 08/30/05-10:01:20 AM Z
 D. Mark Andrews 08/30/05-08:36:19 AM Z
 Best, Dianne 08/30/05-08:01:40 AM Z
 Best, Dianne 08/30/05-07:57:53 AM Z
 D. Mark Andrews 08/30/05-07:45:49 AM Z
 Best, Dianne 08/29/05-08:22:50 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 08/29/05-02:42:51 AM Z
 Etienne Garbaux 08/28/05-11:08:12 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 08/28/05-06:08:21 PM Z
 Etienne Garbaux 08/28/05-05:19:46 PM Z
 Kerik 08/28/05-10:37:01 AM Z
 Richard Knoppow 08/27/05-10:13:20 PM Z
 D. Mark Andrews 08/27/05-08:57:43 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 08/26/05-08:57:46 PM Z
 D. Mark Andrews 08/26/05-10:38:09 AM Z
 Christopher Wright 08/26/05-10:02:54 AM Z
 D. Mark Andrews 08/25/05-09:27:59 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 08/25/05-09:23:26 AM Z
 Christopher Wright 08/25/05-08:41:26 AM Z
Sources for wet plate collodion chemicals (WOT)
 Phillip Murphy 08/27/05-12:39:34 AM Z
Strathmore 500 Artist Drawing
 Sandy King 08/13/05-02:31:37 PM Z
Summer Ice (Newfoundland icebergs) on my website now
 Robert Hall 08/01/05-08:41:52 AM Z
 Jonathan Bailey 08/01/05-06:37:08 AM Z
Temperaprint article
 Hellena Cleary 08/18/05-03:35:55 AM Z
 DENNIS KLINKER 08/18/05-01:01:53 AM Z
 jamesromeo 08/17/05-04:11:05 PM Z
 DENNIS KLINKER 08/17/05-02:10:17 PM Z
 Patricia Reed 08/16/05-02:12:51 PM Z
 Hellena Cleary 08/16/05-08:22:33 AM Z
Terry King email
 David & Jan Harris 08/28/05-11:05:20 PM Z
 stephen wasilewski 08/28/05-03:29:44 PM Z
TESTING Successful... life goes on... OLD Data Sheets for papes Anyone have Any?
 Bill William 08/23/05-02:39:13 AM Z
The Center for Photographic History and Technology
 clargess 08/04/05-07:09:06 AM Z
Tiny Bubbles In The ... Gum
 Judy Seigel 08/30/05-10:31:10 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/29/05-07:55:31 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/29/05-04:05:59 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 08/29/05-09:48:30 AM Z
 Tom Ferguson 08/29/05-08:52:19 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 08/29/05-08:06:23 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 08/28/05-09:04:29 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/28/05-01:39:19 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 08/28/05-07:54:14 PM Z
 Dave Rose 08/28/05-06:31:42 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 08/28/05-11:31:08 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 08/28/05-06:00:08 PM Z
update: screw-in BLB light-box
 [email protected] 08/01/05-10:17:58 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 08/01/05-08:10:06 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/01/05-09:59:18 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 08/01/05-09:16:25 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/01/05-10:22:27 PM Z
 SteveS 08/01/05-06:36:55 PM Z
 dan jones 08/01/05-05:01:32 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/01/05-03:48:46 PM Z
 John Cremati 08/01/05-03:24:48 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/01/05-02:26:52 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/01/05-12:09:23 PM Z
 Sandy King 08/01/05-03:47:38 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 08/01/05-03:19:08 PM Z
 [email protected] 08/01/05-08:33:54 AM Z
Using Polaroid SX-70 film with modern cameras
 [email protected] 08/31/05-12:28:43 PM Z
 Loris Medici 08/31/05-06:17:03 AM Z
 David & Jan Harris 08/26/05-11:46:33 AM Z
 Loris Medici 08/26/05-10:04:04 AM Z
 David & Jan Harris 08/26/05-07:42:01 AM Z
 Loris Medici 08/26/05-07:24:30 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/26/05-07:25:14 AM Z
 jacques verschuren 08/26/05-07:18:31 AM Z
 [email protected] 08/26/05-07:21:38 AM Z
 Loris Medici 08/27/05-07:09:06 AM Z
Where is it - whay is the status
 [email protected] 08/15/05-08:20:57 AM Z
 Robert 08/14/05-11:46:26 PM Z
 Don Bryant 08/14/05-07:25:45 PM Z
 Grace Taylor 08/14/05-12:12:45 PM Z
 Don Bryant 08/14/05-09:10:22 AM Z
Workshop Carbon Process
 Phillip Murphy 08/10/05-10:53:58 AM Z
 philippe berger 08/10/05-09:37:05 AM Z

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