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Dumb question. Do you need tape, or can you just lob strips off a sheet of ruby lith? Last
year I stumbled into an art store (non-chain) in Flagstaff, and they carried R.L. sheets,
just like that. Got about half a dozen of them, sized about 16x20 or 14x18 or something
like that. Can this substitute for tape?


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> > My first answer was for fogged not stained by lack of clearing. So
> > Chris Gray or Yellow?
> Eric,
> very faint grey where the emulsion was brushed on exactly, but "not
> exposed" with the mask of the digineg, but I think there is faint
> exposure as you say, that I need to alleviate with rubylith. Now,
> where to get the tape is next. Chris PS Thanks for your help!
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