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Date: 04/10/05-08:44:28 AM Z
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You have already gotten lots of good advice. I'l throw in a couple
comments on cleaning a truly plugged up Epson head.

In my "experience" your Epson problem is usually a dirty head. It takes
a lot less "error" in a print-head to make a bad negative than a bad
print, as Dan already said. Notice how fast that Epson 'head check
test" prints? It isn't that great a "proof" that all is well for us
negative makers.

Here is my procedure for the "beyond simple answers" Epson printers:

1) Michael's comment is my first suggestion: Parking the head on the
sponge with cleaner is my first try. Move the head off of the sponge,
use some paper towels to absorb any liquid ink in the sponge. WEAR
GLOVES, unless you consider (for the next three days) purple fingertips
to be a fashion statement. Yes that is personal experience talking!

Then add about 4 drops of windex to the sponge (I use more cleaner than
Michael). Park the heads (turn the machine on, then off) and don't
touch it for at least 12 hour, but no more than 24 hours. The cleaner
is the sponge will often dissolve the dried ink "gunk" plugging up your

2) If that doesn't work, immediately after the "parked" period spray a
sheet of paper LIGHTLY with windex. You want a SLIGHTLY damp paper, not
dissolved mush! Create a document that will make the head swing across
the paper quickly and continuously (a vertical line on each side... or
a vertical row of "e" on the left and a vertical row of "W" on the
right). With only your windex wet paper in the tray, print the test

What you are doing is "dragging" the head across the windex wet paper
in an attempt to clean it.

3) Lastly (just before you curse and declare the printer "land fill")
Buy a set of head cleaning cartridges. They are rather expensive. If
you have a local friend with a set, beg! These are a great idea, I have
no idea why they cost so much (about $60US for a typical set). They are
ink carts filled with cleaner, rather than ink. See here:

What you do with these is run a few cleaning cycles, forcing ink
desolving cleaner threw the heads (rather than ink).

I have a vague memory that I gave similar advice on this board a few
years ago, then got frustrated questions from non USA folks wanting to
know what Windex is. Windex is an ammonia based window cleaner bought
in spray bottles. I "assume" any similar window cleaner would work just

I don't suggest any of this for routine maintenance. I've never seen
Epson officially suggest using window cleaner on their machines (or
cleaning carts for that matter). But, I've seen it revive a number of
otherwise "worthless" printers.

Tom Ferguson
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