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Date: 04/09/05-12:51:44 AM Z
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>>>Carbon is a beautiful process, and carbro makes it relatively easy to get
large carbon prints from small negatives -- the bromide print is easier to
produce than an enlarged negative, and contrast adjustment is
straightforward so you can print negatives that were developed for
silver-gelatin work. You can also get a right-reading print with only one
transfer if you make the bromide print with the negative emulsion-side up
in the enlarger. To do this with carbon requires making a contact print
through the base of the film, which tends to reduce sharpness. The carbro
tonal scale has a more pronounced "S" shape than the carbon scale, however.>>>

If there is interest, I have a document that explains the process in great detail. It is an old document and discusses how to combine the process with the Chromotone process (long gone). Perhaps I'll dig it up and put it in the links section of this group's web site.

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