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Hi Christina, The good sources say
 National Gallery in Ottawa, Ont. (Canada) has gone away from CD-ROM for
documenting their images towards going the film route- you know- THE WET
Route. As they feel the CDs' are not resistant to viruses.
So there, don' worry- the wet route will not disappear. It is up to most of
us to keep the rote going.
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> Hello!
> Man oh man has the list been quiet of late, so I thought I'd share a
> maddening comment made at a panel.
> The panel was in Washington DC at a conference I was at, the third of
> this spring. Never again. Anyway, it was a printmaking conference (as in
> silkscreen, mezzotint, that kind of printmaking) with very prestigious
> people on the panel, including the curator of prints and photography of
> Library of Congress, two of the printmakers for big mane artists, an art
> editor from Art in America, and it was held at the Library of Congress.
> One of the panel members was talkiing about this or that and said,
> offhandedly, "And there are even some schools that teach wet darkroom,
> still--I mean, hello, wet darkroom is DEAD." He was a bit less vernacular
> than I. NO ONE in the room nor the other panel members corrected him--they
> all nodded knowingly.
> Granted, this was not a photography conference, but I was pretty shocked
> I watched myself become a dinosaur. I figure within my lifetime, gelatin
> silver will be added as a suitable topic for this alt list.
> BTW, the Library of Congress has 100,000 prints in their collection. When
> asked the curator if there were any gum prints I could see, she did not
> what I was talking about. Sigh.
> Chris
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