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My procedure with gold toning is wash (developing), clear (in citric acid),
and then tone (in gold toner) and then fix. Toning with gold before fixing
cures the bleaching in fixer (because gold toned silver doesn't bleach).
Same applies to palladium or platinum toning AFAIK. But if you tone with
Selenium, then you should do it after fixing because it may stain the print.
I never heard of fixing after gold or pt/pd toning.


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Subject: Dumb question about Van dyke toning


I'm reentering the exciting world of post-factory photography this
month, and had a question about van dyke toning.

If I understand it correctly, one tones the print after rinsing in an
acidic (?) water bath, then uses an acidic bath with a noble metal for
a number of minutes, then fixes the print and rinses it.

Why the fixing step? If palladium platinum or gold have replaced the
silver, is there a need to fix the print? Has anyone done tests on

Thank you

Gordon Cooper
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