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Certainly we all need to consider the "lifecycle" of all that we do. But
what is "a responsible recycling facility"?? In Saskatoon, about all that I
know of is silver recovery from the fixer. I am sure I am not atypical in
having a veritable storehouse of chemicals in my darkroom. In an ideal
world, each one would need a separate disposable program to make the
chemical acceptably benign to the environment. What are these other

Richard Retzlaff

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Boy, I shall echo this statement. One must collect used chemicals and
take them to a responsible recycling site.
If one does dilute the effluent it doesn't make any difference for the
amount of "poison" placed into the ecological cycle is the same. The
dilution merely hides the fact of the material disposed.
Jack Fulton

On Apr 1, 2005, at 7:44 AM, T. E. Andersen wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have been more or less off the list for quite some time (there are
> 1548 unread messages in my folder....), but I'll put a word
> in anyway. Please excuse me if I've missed previous postings.
> In my opinion "Dilution is the Solution" reflects a completely
> outdated approach to disposal of environmental contaminants. Here in
> Norway, it is mostly forbidden (i.e. you are not permitted to dilute a
> fixative to reach the concentrations allowed released in the sewage),
> even though I believe some still practice this.
> Dilution may be acceptable if, and only if, what we are releasing into
> the environment is fully biodegradable, AND the ecosystem has capacity
> to handle the load. This includes having enough oxygen to "fuel" the
> degradation without H2S-formation. Many ecosystems have no spare
> capacity today.
> My saying would be: "Do your very best to minimize your ecological
> footprint". If I have the skills to safely practice
> processes, I really do not have any excuse for not learning how to
> minimize the environmental impact of my actions. We just have to do
> our little bit, every one of us!
> Best regards,
> Tom Einar Andersen
> Rick Retzlaff wrote:
>> I used to work at an environmental consulting company and they had a
>> saying - "Dillution is the Solution"
>> Richard Retzlaff
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>> A while ago I was playing around with Photo applications to
>> Electroplating, and Electro etching of metals .......... I got a
>> book
>> written in the 1940's on the subject of " Making Big Money
>> Electroplating Baby Shoes"........... In the book they stated it
>> was very
>> important to make sure all the chemicals were to be disposed of
>> safely!
>> ........ Some electroplating chemicals are nasty, Arsenic,
>> Formaldehyde,
>> acids, heavy metals , ect........Their recomendation was going out to
>> the
>> back yard and digging at least a "12 inch hole" to dump the chemicals
>> in.!.......
>> Those were simpler times...........
>> John Cremati
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