Re: Printing Grayscale Prints with the Epson 2200

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Date: 09/29/04-08:48:32 AM Z
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Thanks Ann and Jeff. I guess I will go ahead now and get that 2200 (I
was still waiting for a small version of the 4000 'cause of it's bigger
tanks and 8 inks (the two blacks simultaneously), but that may take
I recently received a very nice looking test print from Piezography, but
it's expensive. So, why not give the RIP a try at no cost. With your
experience, have you noticed anything noteworthy about the longevity of UC?


Ann Welch wrote:
> Louis
> I have been making B&W prints with Quadtone RIP for a number of years
> using an Epson 2200 on a Mac. It is a great product that allows you to
> make prints that range from warm to cold with great accuracy and no
> color cast. Since you are using the standard set of inks you can switch
> back to color with no hassle.
> Ann
> On Sep 29, 2004, at 2:40 AM, Louis de Stoutz wrote:
>> Hello Sandy!
>> Thank you very much for the tip. Did you receive that supplementary
>> issue of PT with your subscription, or did you have to order it
>> separately?
>> I would like to know if you have ever tried Roy Harrington's Quadtone
>> RIP (for use with the 2200 and UC inks for only 50$) which is said to
>> give excellent results? I still have to decide what printing system to
>> get for my digital B&W output, and the RIP would allow me to keep the
>> UCs for printing negatives. (Sorry for the OT slide, you can answer me
>> in private if this shouldn't go to the list, although I guess many
>> here might be interested.)
>> Louis de Stoutz
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