Another Adobe Issue

From: PhotoGecko Austin ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/27/04-07:53:41 PM Z
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Greetings all,

We have recently (within the past 60 days or so) installed Photoshop CS
(8) on our Macs. We are not getting full functionality in all realms
(exg., only 4 filter groups, no help files, truncated plug-ins, etc.)
on our G4's with previous installations of PS7. We are getting full
functions on a powerbook G4 with no previous installation of PS.

I've searched the Adobe site for clues as to What Gives, but I don't
find anything to go on. Any similar experiences (and solutions) out

I hope everyone is well and prosperous,
John Campbell
PhotoGecko Studios & Gallery
1413 South First Street
Austin, Tx 78704

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