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On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Timo Sund wrote:

> henk thijs wrote:
>> post-factory / Judy Seigel. You must be very new to the list, uh???? Check
>> the archives.
> Dang - must be this dull day affecting my old head.
> I must try this.

Timo, I'll send you offlist info on getting one or more issues -- Henk's
piece is fabulous (including a picture of Henk, adorable in short pants,
circa 1954), and tho I admit I haven't done it, I feel especially drawn to
his beer coating solution (Pilsener) courtesy of Klaus Pollmeier. That's
Post-Factory #9.

I also checked an earlier article in P-F #6, "Bromoil Express' by Bob
Gumpper. As implied, a fast system of bromoiling, based on "super dry"
(not on aluminum, however), it gives some suggestions for bromoil ink
(Graphic Chemical Senefelder's Crayon Black and Rembrandt Graphic), also
some outlines for making your own, ALSO mentions a download of a "bromoil
supplement" -- a reprint of a vintage article on bromoil by an expert of
the day, a man named Rudinger... who also tells (& as I recall
illustrates) how to make your own ink.

Download from

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