Picture on metal/liquid light

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Date: 09/27/04-08:48:46 AM Z
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>henk thijs wrote:
>>Timo asked:
>>>That is cleaner and clear metalbase and liquid light directly on it?
>>just use some beer et al ......... read the PF#9 article...:-)
>Eeh where I can find that article?

post-factory / Judy Seigel. You must be very new to the list, uh????
Check the archives.

>Any distilled alcohol should do the trick then ok.

Forget it, or better: just try :-)

>>>This bromoil process makes me wonder where to find suitable ink.
>>make it yourself, or use the David Lewis ink

>By myself??? reciepies?

you can use pigment with linseed-oil; you can use ordinary litho-inks
and add pigment to stiffen it etc.

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