Alt Imagery and typical (portraits,photograms)

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While I was in Santa Fe this weekend drinking in contemporary art and music
(and more than a couple good margaritas), I came across an extraordinary
book in Photo Eye Bookstore by Nell Dorr, a photographer from the 40s, 50s,
and 60s who is most well known for her mother and child portraits. The
book, entitled "Of Night and Day" is extraordinary, and appears to be a 1st
edition from 1968, published in Greenwich Connecticut, of which they had at
least 12 additional copies at a steal for $25 each.

The portraits, while emotionally charged, as much as one can get with
portraits, were less interesting than the subtle and explosive chemigrams
and photograms that went along with poetry by various contemporary authors
chosen by Nell Dorr to accompany her imagery, abstract in the darkroom and
camera-encumbered, alike.


A hearty 'Yeah!' to Photo Eye Bookstore for maintaining a selection of real
alternative photography and modern art reproductions in book form by great
artists, such as those contained in this book.

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