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Go to They have glass rod in 24" lengths with 9 12mm costing $15.00 (Pg 123, 2004 catalog). They also have the tubing cutter for $9.20 on the same page. Just super glue on a handle and you are in business. You can order the catalog at the web site.
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> Date: 2004/09/26 Sun PM 02:15:21 GMT
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> Subject: RE: Liquid Emulsion-Coating Problems
> Martin,
> > Also, I am experimenting with a home made coating rod made of PVC.  Costs
> less than a dollar, and it seems to be OK.  I textured the surface a little
> and am getting reasonable coating wit Pd/Pt solution.  Has anyone else tried
> this?
> >
> Yes, Edwards Engineered Products ( makes
> 'plastic' coating rods, but IMO don't waste your time with these as glass
> rods work much better. The EE rods never seemed to coat as well as glass
> does, they have a lot of drag when compared to glass rods and don't coat
> smoothly. I have a large sheet of plate glass that I place my paper on for
> coating which provides a flat smooth support. I don't think a textured rod
> surface will give best results.
> You may also want to consider using the magic brush, a.k.a., Richeson 9010
> synthetic hair brush or something similar. A 2 inch flat can be purchased
> from Jerry's Artarama
> ( for about
> $24.
> Good luck,
> Don Bryant
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