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Date: 09/23/04-10:24:43 AM Z
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Liam, where I can find their article on POP?.
Thank you.
Excuse for my English. Text translated by computer.
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De: Liam Lawless []
Enviado el: miercoles, 22 de septiembre de 2004 20:56
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Hey, thanks Sandy! Like I said, I haven't done any POP since that article,
but I recently came across a print made at that time, following the
instructions I gave. If anyone would like to see it, it's now at


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Sent: 22 September 2004 15:59
Subject: Homemade POP

I can say from experience that Liam's method for homemade POP works
very well. I experimented with it briefly with some nice results and
though I eventually quite for lack of time there is no question in my
mind but that with a little effort one could make outstanding prints
following the very thorough directions in his article in Post Factory.

And speaking of Liam, does anyone know if the two articles he
published on reversal processing in Post Factory are available
anywhere on line? I saw a link to an article by him in Ed Buffaloe's
article on reversal processing at unblinkingeye.come but it appears
to be dead.

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