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Of course it's not copyright! My gift to the world! Good luck,


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Thank you

I'll try it with the crystalline citrates. It's what's on the shelf anyway.
I can do the calculations for all forms of citrate in the VWR catalog and
post them. Do I have permission to post the entire recipe, or is it under
copyright? It's so confusing these days.

As far as stability goes, I have unlimited access to desiccant packs. They
throw out about 6 x ~150 gram packs each day at work. I'll try to do some
studies with and without desiccants over a week or two, in my copious free
time (it's so hard to convey irony in e-mail).

I plan on using crane's platinotype (cover).

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> Martin,
> Sorry for the delay. The citrate and citric that I used are both hydrated
> (i.e. crystalline), so I suppose the citric acid is monohydrate and the
> sodium citrate dihydrate. Coated paper should be OK in the dark for a few
> days. No further developments since I wrote the article, but maybe you'll
> find something! Good luck.
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