Re: Ilfochrome classic....... Very sad experience...

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Date: 09/22/04-08:10:17 PM Z
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I thought I saw something a while ago about using it for a self-made
origami pinhole box camera type dealey. (In English: the paper is the
pinhole box itself, folded in such a way that many of the walls receive
light through the pinhole, not simply the back wall. The result is
geometric, tactile, and quite striking.)
Try this link for a taste:


btw--what's the chemistry for these, if I may ask?


John Cremati wrote:

> I went to a liquidation sale at one of the best Ilfochrome
> printers in Cleveland Ohio. It was very sad to see the marvelous
> equipment all dismantled and flung about haphazardly..... Those buying the
> stuff had no idea of what accessories went to what............ 10 Durst
> enlargers, huge processors , refrigerated storerooms all being emptied out
> for a few pennies of what the stuff cost in the glory days of film...
> ..............
> The said that they could not pay the payroll any longer , the gas
> was shut off.. Bankruptcy lawyers were the only ones that made out
> ...........Very sad, very sad indeed...........
> I had purchased a entire refrigerated storeroom full of paper,
> most of which is Ilfochrome... Does anyone have any suggestions on what to
> do with a van load of it? Has anyone tried reusing the Ilfochrome for Alt
> purposes?
> John Cremati
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