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That is sad. As for "alt" uses, it's fine for direct in-camera shooting
(very slow speed if I remember correctly, ASA 5 or something.) It's also
excellent for color photograms. When my daughter was about 4 years old she
had lots of colored transparent plastic necklaces, she had a great time
arranging them for the photos. Have fun...

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Subject: Ilfochrome classic....... Very sad experience...

           I went to a liquidation sale at one of the best Ilfochrome
printers in Cleveland Ohio. It was very sad to see the marvelous
equipment all dismantled and flung about haphazardly..... Those buying the
stuff had no idea of what accessories went to what............ 10 Durst
enlargers, huge processors , refrigerated storerooms all being emptied out
for a few pennies of what the stuff cost in the glory days of film...
        The said that they could not pay the payroll any longer , the gas
was shut off.. Bankruptcy lawyers were the only ones that made out
...........Very sad, very sad indeed...........
           I had purchased a entire refrigerated storeroom full of paper,
most of which is Ilfochrome... Does anyone have any suggestions on what to
do with a van load of it? Has anyone tried reusing the Ilfochrome for Alt
John Cremati
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