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Don't know if Wayde Allen's site is still running (
but years ago I scanned Eder's "The Chemical Effect of the Spectrum" from
1883, and Wayde made it available as a download on his site. This has some
info on printing with flowers &c. - not the kind of detail you're looking
for, but interesting from an historical perspective (like the rest of the
book). Maybe someone here knows what's happened to Wayde's site and if it's
ever coming back - if not I could put Eder up on a site somewhere as a Word

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Subject: Chlorophyll Printing thoughts..

I am wondering if others out there in alt-process-land do any
Chlorophyll printing..Grass, leaves, etc?

For some of you that may not know what it is:

You basically place a negative or whatever on something with
Chlorophyll in it such as a maple leaf or banana leaf or whatever and
expose it to the Sun or artifical (full spectrum mayhaps?) light for
quite a while. The resulting negative creates an image on the plant

I am looking for exposure time estimates for those that have done this
process in various manners with various plants, lighting and images,
etc. During the Summer its been about 2 days for a good 5 negative (like it matters right?) to exposure
pretty sharply onto the leaves/whatever.

I was thinking about speeding up the process by using a high-powered
full spectrum light but unsure if all the wavelengths are there for
photosynthesis to occur? (or rather, decomposition....same?).

This process is real new to me so forgive any ignorance on my part :)

(gets out biology 101 books)

Alex Swain (fo)
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