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Date: 09/21/04-02:45:54 AM Z
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Well, I don't know much about liquid emulsion - just what I have read in
C. James book and this list - but the fact that I have never saw melting
silver gelatin paper emulsion makes me think that there must be some way
to "harden" the liquid emulsion and prevent melting. Formaldehyde?
Glyoxal? Chrome Alum? Glutardehyde?...


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> This has also passed my mind. Only problem seems to be that liquid
> emulsion tends to melt in higher temps. That pocketwatch is
> mainly used
> during (warm) summertime. And how to make it stay on?
> Or does liquid emulsion "stain" nickel so the picture stays on even
> emulsion is long gone? I cant just give a try with several
> methods since
> have only one watch available. My supplier raised prices about double
> after I bought first one.
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