APIS 2005 Call for proposals

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Call for proposals

We are looking for proposals for presentations at APIS* 2005 in Santa Fe,
NM. The dates are: July 7,8,9 2005

The topic should be related to photographic history with a special emphasis
on the technological aspects. We are particularly interested in lesser
known processes or modern adaptations of historic processes. Platinum,
palladium, gum, Kallitype, bromoil have been covered fairly well at APIS
and in the contemporary literature so there really has to be something new
there. We are especially interested in topics like: physautotype, Orotone,
Autochrome, Woodburytype, and collotype, or any of the other processes
that >appear< not to be enjoying any widespread current usage.

I am also exploring the idea of a session on collaboration. That is where
two people work together and jointly make and attribute work. I've always
been intrigued as to how this works.

Special consideration will be given to proposals outside the United States.
In the past three APIS's we had presentations from folks from Brazil, New
Zealand (2!), France, the UK, Norway and Spain, and a few I can't remember

APIS is a budget priced symposium so there are no speaker's fees granted to
the presenters. They do get the glory associated with making the
presentation and they will have their conference fees waived.

APIS is being transferred from Bostick & Sullivan to The Center for
Photographic History and Technology, a new not-for-profit corporation I am

Send me an email paragraph or two with your ideas and if that looks
promising then I'll request a more detailed proposal.

Send to: richsul@earthlink.net

*APIS: Alternative Photographic International Symposium

--Dick Sullivan
The Center for Photographic History and Technology
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