RE: Oxalic Acid for Pt./Pd.

From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/15/04-06:39:18 PM Z
Message-id: <>


> Taos, included some oxalic acid as well as Sodium Phosphate Di Basic.
> John's formula work fine, except that is was slower and tended to give
> grainy prints when it was remotely tired. Fresh batches were always
> better
> than seasoned work. I usually used standard Pot Ox with extra Ox Acid.

That's interesting to note, I've always used plain PO but never gave the ph
a consideration.

I recall a discussion long ago about the pluses and minuses of using a ph
meter. But I'm wondering if using indicator strips might be a better and
perhaps more reliable method for measuring ph.

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