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Date: 09/15/04-11:58:26 AM Z
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What form of potassium carbonate did you use? If it is anhydrous, then you
are about right, you can still add another few grams of potassium
carbonate, say 10 grams. If you used hydrated potassium carbonate, then
your proportions are off. By my estimation your solution is about 1.0M. I
don't find any benefits using solutions more concentrated then 0.9M (im my
practice, pritning Pd), so you can add some water to it (50-100cc).
You should not have any undissolved stuff.
Marek Matusz

> I mixed up a solution of potassium oxalate
> following directions provided by Nzé Christian. I
> added 130 gs of oxalic acid to 500 ml of water,
> mixed until dissolved, and then added 100 gs of
> potassium carbonate, and finished by adding
> another 15 gs of potassium carbonate, and finally
> I topped off the solution to one liter. Distilled
> water was used.
> The solution works fine for printing but there is
> still some junk at the bottom of the container
> that has not dissolved. What did I do wrong? Do I
> need to add more water, increase the temperature
> of the mix, or other?
> Sandy King
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