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It's not clear to me.
Could you tell me what GCR and UCR stand for in digital negative terms?
Let's make it easier saying Photoshop terms.

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> "Really what it matters is black to be the last and never yellow as the
> printing pigment."
> Not really. It is a matter of pigments and of preference. When using UCR
> or GCR generated CMYK negs, I often like to put the black on first. I
> to establish the shadows, and then continue to build the print with layers
> of color. Black pigment is so obvious, and it's presence on top can
> sometimes he rather overbearing.
> Again, it might be a helpful to mention that there is a world of
> between UCR and GCR-derived CMYK negs. Depending upon the method chosen,
> the amount of the yellow laid down is dramatically different. With GCR,
> intent is to lest the color channels "build" the shadow density, thus
> will likely be yellow everywhere, thus there will likely be an ugly yellow
> veil if one is using Cadmium or ochre. But with UCR the color is added on
> an "as-needed" basis - thus yellow only is put down where it is needed.
> Here are examples of a gum photo where black was laid down first, and
> last:
> That Tree picture is loaded with yellow, but notice that it doesn't
> the black. The Bowl picture is more "normal" and I think these illustrate
> why one cannot issue any hard and fast rules regarding the order of
> (Incidentally, for that tree shot, I used raw umber for the "C" channel.)
> Keith
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> I have heard that the printing order is yellow, magenta, cyan and black
> printing yellow first is not easy with the white paper and you better do
> magenta first, yellow after then cyan and black.
> Really what it matters is black to be the last and never yellow as the
> printing pigment.
> Giovanni
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