Re: Rothko and permanence

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Date: 09/13/04-01:05:23 PM Z
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Thanks, Katharine. My understanding is that there are permanence
problems with Da Vinci's work, too. He also experimented greatly with
materials and processes.


Katharine Thayer wrote:

>Pam Niedermayer wrote:
>>What does "cannot be shown" mean?
>As in this quote (referring here to the Harvard murals) "Further, their
>facture was so faulty that, having faded to blue due to photo-sensitive
>red pigments, they have had to be removed from view, and are now
>specimens in the conservation lab."
>That quote is from the URL Sandy pointed to. I had intended today to
>find the book (at my university library) from which I first learned of
>this crisis and give you the quote from it, but my plans changed and I
>didn't go to the city today, so this will have to do for now. I don't
>remember the name of the book, but it was a Rothko monograph that
>included a considerable appendix about the problems of impermanence with
>regard not just to the murals, but to much of the work.
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