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Hi Stuart and Martin - thanks for your information, but I think my
point didn't get across from my last posting. It's past my bedtime but
let me try a bit again.

Paper caliper varies and the measurement is typically in grams per
square meter, gsm or g/m^2. However, in the US, pound or basis weight
is still used. This is measured in terms of pounds for each 500 sheets
of the paper in its standard size. However, the standard size varies
depending on the type of paper. For example, the standard size for
book (text) paper is 25x38 inches while that of cover paper is 20x26,
and bond paper 17x22. So, what's called 50 pounds book paper is about
the same weight as a 20 pounds bond paper, and also same as 74 grams
per square meter. I don't have much experience with paper products in
the U.S. system so I just wanted to make sure that your 90 pound
rating for your paper is 90 pound for cover paper, which is 243 gsm.
(90 pound for book paper would be 133 gsm and this is a bit thin to my
taste.) So I meant to ask if you could tell me if the Crane cover 90
pound looks and feels like 240 gsm paper to you. (it probably does,
because 133 gsm wouldn't make a nice cover paper, but I'm not
knowledgeable about paper and this is where additional piece of info
is helpful :-) Perhaps some other paper expert could contribute more
on this topic...

Ryuji Suzuki
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