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Date: 09/12/04-06:22:20 AM Z
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Schuyler Grace wrote:
> Oops...Katharine, I didn't mean you when I wrote about photographers signing
> in the middle of their images. I'm sure your imprint adds to the image,
> like "Rothko" would on one of his. :')

I know this remark was tongue in cheek, but just the same let's be
clear about this: no, I certainly don't think my name on a gum print is
like Rothko's name on a painting. I have a good strong ego, but I'm not
delusional! No, I write my name in the image not because I think it
adds to the investment value of the work, but because it's what makes
sense to me.

But while we're talking about Rothko, I think it merits a moment to
think about the fact that much of Rothko's work, created no more than
30-60 years ago, has lost its magic and cannot be shown. I think this is
a real shame, and something to think about when making decisions about
materials and methods that might impact on the permanence of work.

Okay, back to work,
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