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What hath I wrought, all with one tiny question?

Regarding the "rules" I cited, they are proportions found in nature, and
they are naturally pleasing to the eye/brain. I use rules like those,
consciously and subconsciously, whether I'm composing an image or building a
frame. But they are only jumping off points (kind of like climbing to the
top of a tall cliff or asking/stating what's "proper" on this list). For
example, an accomplished jazz musician may use the same notes and chords as
everyone else, but then s/he launches into a world all her/his own when the
time is right, and it still sounds good.

As far as many of you are concerned, you are accomplished and recognized
artists, and you have the leeway to do whatever strikes you with your
images. I, on the other hand, would like to make a good first impression to
make up for my lack of accomplishment and so I'll have a little easier path
to deviance, in the long run, than I would if I went all out in the
beginning. Once I have the chords and the rhythm down and a few people are
coming out to the club, I'll start to shake things up.

-Schuyler "Martin Luther" Grace

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On Sat, 11 Sep 2004, PhotoGecko Austin wrote:

> . . . . darn. . . .
> Now I've gotta take my prints (both of them) out of those thick black

> So, what *should* I do with them?

If you only have two you can't make a row of them on the wall, but I'd
suggest painting them red anyway or you could leave them out in the rain
(without the photographs) for a year or so.

Meanwhile, speaking of shucks, what is this golden rectangle rule of
thirds business. Schuyler, you have nailed your thesis to the wall. I
promise that I won't say another word, except I'm curious about how you
use those rules and if others agree...


> On Sep 10, 2004, at 10:05 PM, Judy Seigel wrote:
>> On Fri, 10 Sep 2004, Schuyler Grace wrote:
>>> .... And if the final product isn't presented
>>> properly, all the effort expended on the process can be wasted ...
>> My alarm bells ring for this one... if we are supposed to be freethinking

>> creative artists, we ought to be able to present work according to our
>> freethinking creative sensibility, not by what is all too often a
>> convention.
>> I recall some time around 1980, the first show of work I'd ever seen by
>> Nettles. I *loved* her work in books, but when I walked into the gallery

>> all I could see was a row of same size black wood frames the length of 3
>> walls. The work, neatly matted inside, was invisible.
>> So today you probably wouldn't put your work in thick black frames... But

>> that was the "proper" thing then. Beware...
>> Judy
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