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I have digital photos of the 2002B portfolio, taken with permission,
which I can provide if the contributors don't object. In some cases,
the images show borders and side by side comparisons... these were for
examples in the alt-class I teach.

The list for that portfolio are: Diane Bloomfield
(pinhole/gum-over-platinum), Suzanne Izzo (cyan w/toner and over gum),
Nate ___(?) mordancage, Don Bryant (van dyke and cyano), and myself
(argyrotype. I hope I didn't miss anybody, it was a small group. I
have shots of some of the notes as well... again, available if the
contributors don't mind.

-Darryl Baird

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I have taken the liberty to start a web page for the Traveling
Portfolios. I have been able to find several of the past portfolios
Dave Soemarko's site and have provided links to those pages. I
the 2001A portfolio and have included it as well. The first
may have been on Bostic & Sulivan's site but I have not found them.
More can be included as they are found. Please find these at the
following link. Hopefully we can continue to use this site for future

Traveling Portfolios.

Jeffrey D. Mathias

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