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You can put cyanotype on almost anything including wood and natural cloth
fibers like cotton and silk. The weight of the paper is only inportantant is
that it must be heavy enough so that it does not fall apart when imursed in
water. Some people prefer to size he paper first. Some do not. Each
different paper, you will find, will produce a slightly different tonal
range and sensitivity. Thats the great thing about alt-process photography,
that is, all the choices you have.

If you are just starting out with cyanotype and using the standard formula I
would like to give you two hints.
1. Try useing 2 parts A to one part B. You will get greater contrast and
tonal range.
2. Air dry only. Do not use heat drying. It will result in a loss of
Oh, yes. one more
3. Make sure your wash water is neutral or slightly acidic. Put a few drops
of acetic acid in it.

Bob Schramm

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&gt;Subject: Papers for Cyanotype
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&gt;Does the weight of the paper used for Cyanotypes matter? I see
&gt;recommendations for using Rives BFK, Arches Aquarelle, and Fabriano.
&gt;Also are hot or cold press preferable and smooth or rough finish.
&gt;There seems like are a lot of choices to make. Do some papers accept
&gt;the solution better, and does the weight impact that?
&gt;Can anyone suggest a very specific Brand and grade of paper to start
&gt;Sorry fro all the beginner questions. I hope the list can tolerate
&gt;it. If not I apologize in advance.
&gt;Thanks in advance for any help
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