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Date: 09/09/04-12:44:13 PM Z
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It is a separate list for the participants of traveling portfolio to discuss
their images, give critiques, and maybe ask some technical questions related
to specific prints. It is usually not very technical or general because we
post that kind of questions to the main list. We did not intend to create
another list that has the same purpose of this main list.

If you are not participating in this round of traveling portfolio, chances
are that their discussions might not be applicable to you. I don't know if
non-participants can join the traveling-portfolio mailing list. I managed
the traveling portfolio at one time, but Don Bryant is the current manager,
so I would et me respond to that if he thinks it is necessary.

Dave S

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> What other list is that? (Please forgive my ignorance.)
> -Schuyler
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> Hi,
> Maybe the discussion of traveling portfolio should go to the separate
> I myself don't mind it, but I worry that some from the main list would
> object. It is ok if they are general messages (like invitation to join or
> view the images for this round, etc.), but on specific issues related to
> portfolio, we should probably discuss it on the other list.
> Dave S
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