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Subject: OT: shutter retaing ring source

> good day,
> anyone know where to get a shutter retaining ring for
> Supermatic(X) shutter ? about 42mm.
> shutter is for a ektar 152mm 4.7 lens.
> I know about sk grimes...looking for cheap source.
> thanks for any leads.
> Jeff
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   Try Midwest Photo The 152, f/4.5
is in the largest of the three Supermatic shutter sizes.
The shutters came with a combination flange and retaining
ring. BTW, this is an outstanding lens. Many Kodak Ektars
suffer from some hase between the elements in the front
cell. Shine a flashlight through the lens to see if its
hazy. Even a small amount of this haze will ruin the lenses
contrast. Its easy to clean off, any lens cleaner will do it
but you must open the cell. This is done with a friction
tool made of a sticky rubber washer the right size cemented
to a tube. The front retaining ring (the one with the lens
name on it) unscrews and the front element will come out.
There are no spacers or shims in the lens and centering is

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