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From: Eric Nelson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/09/04-09:36:15 AM Z
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My gamma question has to do with the difference
between PC and Mac. PC's, as I understand, have a
gamma of 2.2 and Mac 1.8. My Mac generated images on
my web site will appear darker on a PC than how they
look here. While traveling in Asia I check my site
with the PC's at the local internet cafe and
everything looks dark as well as at my girlfriend's PC
in BKK. I assume scans sent to agencies and so forth
could have the same issue. So my question is, has
there been any standardization of gamma settings so
everyone sees BASICALLY the same thing? Is there a
working method that can help me produce a better
image, i.e. more universally viewable image?

RE: yahoo etc..
Yahoo, Hotmail, etc can HELP keep spam out of your
business/everyday mail box by designating that addy as
your group, or group mailing address. Whenever you
want to sign up for some mailing, one can use that
address which is what I do with the alt list, Mac
lists, Orbitz mailing, etcetc. Signing up for Hotmail
or Yahoo, et al, doesn't give u spam. Making a post,
as I found out, on a Microsoft Newsgroup does though!
Everyday I get 3 emails w/a 154 k exe file since my
posting there. Gee, I wonder what that file does? =)


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