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Yes, lemon juice will work, Timo. Citric acid powder needs to be dissolved
well before use or you'll get little teeny star speckles in your image,
which can actually look kinda fun, but technically terrible. White vinegar
is just so cheap, and lemon juice--you'd be squeezing a lot of lemons :)
I just dump in like 1/2 cup of vinegar into my first tray of water. Amount
can vary, you'll see if it is working if the cyano is the right shade of
blue. Test on one print. It will give an increased tonal range which can
also look lower contrast, too. Citric acid powder is 2T per liter water.
Vinegar is 5% acid, use from full strength to 1:5 dilution or less.
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> Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> > Mike,
> > We love beginner questions.
> WOW!
> And I didnīt ask this beforehand!
> All that struggle over even decent print.
> Well it have tought me a lot of the process itself.
> Is it ok use lemon juice instead citric acid?
> Thanks!
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