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     We love beginner questions.
     Weight of paper does not matter, unless the paper is so thin it won't
hold up in water.
     Absorbency of paper is an issue, but that can be overcome with some
added Tween if needs be.
     What matters most is the acidity/alkalinity of the paper, which can be
changed by a presoak in oxalic acid 1% or developing in white vinegared
water for your first development bath. I have to do this with Fabriano
Artistico Extra White hot press, a very wonderful paper but one that
definitely turns Ware's cyanotype formula lavender in the highlights.
     If you are a beginner in cyano, Rives BFK is cheap and absorbent, and
won't require this, so I would start with Rives first, or just plain old
Crane's stationery that you can buy at Kinko's. I've got a list a mile long
of papers for cyanotype, so I think paper is the least of your worries.
Lenox is really cheap, but there are mixed reviews on whether it works for
some. Stonehenge is a fave of a bunch on this list. Buxton if you have $10
per sheet is gorgeous, called Ashton Platinum in this country. Arches
     You'll notice if the paper is alkaline if, upon coating, your
chartreuse colored solution turns blue. I still print these, though, and do
the vinegar bath. But for a straight cyanotype (I print gum over cyano) it
is easier to avoid the papers that do this blue thing.
     Hot, cold, rough: matter of personal preference. I prefer hot and
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> Does the weight of the paper used for Cyanotypes matter?
> I see recommendations for using Rives BFK, Arches Aquarelle, and Fabriano.
> Also are hot or cold press preferable and smooth or rough finish.
> There seems like are a lot of choices to make.
> Do some papers accept the solution better, and does the weight impact
> Can anyone suggest a very specific Brand and grade of paper to start with.
> Sorry fro all the beginner questions. I hope the list can tolerate it. If
not I apologize in advance.
> Thanks in advance for any help
> Mike
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